MIMO System

The MIMO SYSTEM treats the three types of dangerous wastes derived from the health system with environmentally friendly technologies. It is both an economic and sustainable solution when compared to other technologies such as incineration or autoclave

The MIMO SYSTEM can be considered an ideal solution for developing countries, as its reduced investment cost, low operating costs, and simplicity in operation and raw materials make it a feasible option for all environments

Benefits of the MIMO System

  • First: The MIMO System makes compliance with the community directive 91/156/CEE for correct environmental management of waste possible. Health Care waste, especially Cytostatic and Non-Cytostatic waste that currently has to be managed outside of Spain.
  • Second: The MIMO System significantly reduces the need for transport of Health Care Waste and, consequently, reduces the treatment cost and associated risks.
  • Third: The implementation of the MIMO System exercises a more respectful treatment of the environment as defined in article 12 of the KYOTO PROTOCOL .
  • Fourth: The implementation of the MIMO System allows for a specific treatment of pharmaceutical waste that incorporate the zero dumping concept to the sewage system.
  • Fifth: The implementation of the MIMO System results in a significant reduction of the cost of treatment in sanitary waste on an international level. This especially impacts countries that are not treating Health Care Waste because of the elevated cost of other technologies like incineration.
  • Sixth: The MIMO System is the only technology that permits the treatment the three most relevant types of Health Care waste, including pharmaceutical waste which is currently a problem because of its impact on the environment and human health.
Máquina de tratamiento de residuos MIMO