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It was in the summer of 2003 when we began to study deeply our neighbors Morocco for pest control.

The idea arose of establishing a rodenticide factory in Tétouan from where ATHISA would distribute the product throughout the countries of North Africa. But this country has other unexpected possibilities for us.

We realize that until recently, there was no regulation of the management of the health care waste in Morocco. It was collected manually, almost without protection measures and was treated as just another urban waste and was sent to an uncontrolled rubbish tip.

Over the next years, we carried out a thorough study of the sector taking 25 hospitals in the North and Casablanca as an example. On the 10th of March 2004 we put our health care waste management proposals to 200 doctors, hospital management and various representatives of the Ministries of Heath and Environment of the Kingdom.

That year, ATHISA MAROC was incorporated as a brand for the future. We found the right partners and they enjoyed our business backing. Moreover, we had a place to establish this project, Tétouan. While we obtained each of the contracts for which we tendered, needed to carry forward a business of these characteristics and while we were adapted the factory and tested it thoroughly, we did not want to loose time, we wanted to honor our contracts and so, we treated Moroccan health care waste in the big factory in Barreiro (Portugal).

15 March 2006, the new factory in Tétouan was inaugurated. Moroccan and Spanish communication media, the Honorable Mohammed Cheikh Biadillah, the Minister of Health for Morocco, and the Honorable Manuel Chaves, the President of the Regional Government of Andalusia and other honor guests attended the opening.

Thanks to the new heath care waste factory, Morocco is now one of the leading countries in the treatment of health care waste. When we have the figures for the volume of waste treated during the first year we shall give the information here. We hope to confirm again the success from the implementation of the reusable container and the autoclave. We are finishing the initial project for the rodenticide factory in Tétouan too, which will soon be a reality.
As a complement, we shall offer all Morocco all the pest control services that we provide in Portugal and Spain. We expect this to be another step forward.


Head offices in Morocco

252, Bd. Ziraoui, Rés. Ammar ,
4ème étage, App. 11, 20040 CASABLANCA

Phone 00212 22 48 62 47
Fax 00212 22 48 61 77


Zone Industrielle, Lot. 10,
Route de Martil. B.P: 6018 Tetouan

Phone 00212 39 68 84 04
Fax 00212 39 68 86 38

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