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Plague control, an ATHISA classic
15 July 1983, Granada. We began our business life controlling pest. A year later, we were already thinking of manufacturing our own rodenticides and permanent high security bait. And we did it. We were the first Spanish company to make paraffined blocks of rodenticide, the high security bait were a complete success since it ensures that only rodents have access to the fest. Pigeons and insects have been added to the group of vectors controlled by this service.

We can say that we were totally right to design customized pest control programmes, with previous studies of the buildings and their peculiarities in town halls, county halls, schools and hospitals. We were winning the trust that we still inspire today in each of our clients.

Health care waste: The great project
Nine years later, in 1992, we thought about going into the world of health care waste from its production in hospital centres to its transport to a specialized factory to its meticulous treatment in the autoclave and its subsequent elimination as waste in a crusher.

We so an interesting and highly productive sector and the professional challenge deserves all our efforts. From the beginning, we proposed management of health care waste that, as well as complying to the letter with the laws in this respect could compete in other markets by contributing something new. That something was the reusable container, a plastic container that would last a year in use after which, it would be recycled and used again. There are 3 versions with different colours according to the type of waste to be treated. It is easy to handle, resistant, sealed and wash and disinfected thoroughly after each use. A safe, easily closed bag inside it was the ideal complement. The redesign of that excellent container did not have to wait long and today, with evident improvements, we continue to offer it to our clients as the great advantage of this service.

Thanks to health care waste, our business group has been able to grow in a very short time. We try the Portuguese market in 1996 and since than, we have incorporated ATHISA PORTUGAL together with Ambimed as a subsidiary company in that matter. As a result of our excellent relations, we have established 3 treatment factories: one in Barreiro (Lisbon) in 1996, another in Beja (Alentejo) in 2004 and the third in Oporto in 2005.In the summer 2003, we began a similar process in Morocco and we inaugurated our first health care waste treatment factory in 2006. This was the birth of ATHISA MAROC. We are going to open 2 more treatment factories in 2006 in Guillena and Alcala de Guadaira, both in the province of Sevilla and another in Elche (Alicante). At this moment, the Group is looking toward the countries of Eastern Europe and the promising Turkey with whom we are now in negotiation.

Cleaning for health and legionellosis
In 2000, we became fully involved in the industrial cleaning sector. We gave him the name of “cleaning for health” and we use all possible methods to make any corner of any place hygienic and disinfected. Health centres, clinics and teaching centres are our usual clients. The degree of satisfaction they have express during these years is very high. It is for this reason that we also offer a wide range of bacteriostatics and containers for feminine hygiene under the name of “White Line”

That same year, in light of the serious and growing cases in Spain, we designed a plant for the prevention and control of legionellosis. We were able to offer this new service because of the biological knowledge that ATHISA has gained over these years showing the clients the risk factors for the proliferation of the bacteria and proposing very professional solutions.

Green line
A new service blossomed in 2001, it was the green line. We have created to plant nurseries, one in La Puebla de Don Fadrique and the other in Paraje Alcala Gambea, both in the province of Granada, offering a catalogue of leafy species and the most varied conifers. We include in this programme the design and construction of gardens and a complete, careful and professional maintenance programme in green areas of which we are very proud.

Animal care
2002 was the year when we became concerned with the animal word with 2 clearly defined work lines. The first was animal protection for which we have obtained the appropriate licences and we have been able to design a wonderful animal shelter in Ribera de Valcasao (Huelva). 1.500 animals a year pass through its door of which fortunately are managed to be adopted. Where sacrifices is inevitable, Athisa has chosen methods that avoid any type of suffering to the animals. The service which include the collection of animals, their adoption and even donation is free.

The other line is the management of animal waste, a type of waste than has often been wrongly considered as simply another urban waste. We however understand the evident risks in its handling and treatment. For this service, two, we employ the ATHISA reusable container for this type of waste. The elimination of animal waste goes through a sophisticated model of crematorium which lives unrecognizable and non contaminating ashes.

Forging ahead
And we haven’t stopped growing. The companies way of working although we have 790 direct employees, has not changed substantially since we began to make the first paraffined rodenticide block and the permanent security bait. Throughout these years, we have relied on innovations in the services, taking advantages on the natural resources to achieve the best results. We are always thinking of new projects for the future but at the same time we go on working, forging ahead.

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